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conrad-johnson ET3SE with Phono
Audiophile Preamplifier with phono.  Call or email for special retirement pricing.

Price: $6,500.00 / each

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Warranty Terms (Parts and Labor) 3 years
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conrad johnson ET3 with Phono Stereo Preamplifier

Conrad-Johnson also offers a Special Edition of the ET3 preamplifier, the ET3 SE. The controls, features, and basic circuitry remain the same, but the sonics benefit from strategic parts upgrades. Specifically, series resistors in the line stage are replaced with Vishay metal-foil resistors, and polypropylene by- pass capacitors (on the output coupling capacitors and regulated power supply capacitors) are replaced with CJD Teflon capacitors. The Classic SE phono stage gets similar parts upgrades to the line stage circuit. The sonic performance improvement is immediately noticeable as higher resolution, finer gradations in dynamics, purer transients, and increased weight and body in the sound. It all adds up to a very nice improvement, making the ET3 SE a real state of the art contender.  Owners of the standard versions can also have the upgrades performed on their units.

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